Saturday, April 18, 2009

Imperial Bloodhound

So just to show you that I am not messing around here and am putting my money where my mouth is, here is an image of the main Imperial vehicle. I imagine it is a highly modified Imperial Land Crawler (discovered by Tech Priest Arkhan Land) with enhancements to make it go much faster than normal. This, of course, is probably highly frowned upon by the tech priests - but then Pandemonium is a backwards, backwater world where this sort of breach of the Machine God's mandates go unnoticed.

On a more technical note, this model was designed to be a counterpart to the Chaos Raiders used by chaos forces - fast, with a larger transport capacity and good armor (Front 9 / Side 8 / Rear 8)... well... good armor for a civilian vehicle! It uses gas engines and thrusters just like the ork vehicles in Gorkamorka.

This model was built AROUND a toy monster truck (matchbox, I think). The truck itself is inside the body of the vehicle. The more astute of you all probably recognize the front and rear pieces as being from a Space Marine Land Speeder and the sides are bulldozer blades from the most recent Leman Russ sprue. The wheels and undercarriage are all part of the original toy monster truck. The guys standing on top are made from Imperial Guard and Warhammer Fantasy Empire soldiers.

Sorry for the low-quality photo. Cell phone camera. I will use my digital camera to put up better photos soon.

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