Thursday, April 30, 2009

Chaos Raider Datafax

Chaos Warbands tend to use large, heavy vehicles covered in spikes. They typically eschew mounting a fixed weapon in favor of ramming attacks and ferocious boarding actions. Chaos Raiders are built by slave labor in corrupt manufactorums run by members of the Dark Mechanicus or chaos minions with a bent toward the mechanical. Unfortunately, the corrupt construction techniques used in the creation of most Chaos Vehicles ensure that they are more difficult to produce and less efficient than their Imperial counterparts.

The datafax is available for download HERE.

For more pictures of the Chaos Raider, click HERE.

Rules for the Chaos Raider can also be found under the main Warbands Rules.

Warbands v1.1

New version of the warbands rules with some small tweaks to Chaos. Available for download through the link to the right.

Chaos Raider

The bad guys travel in style. Might call this heavy-metal chic. Here is the prodigal chaos vehicle - the Chaos Raider.

3/4 view. The body is a platic Tonka Jeep with the wheels and suspension removed and the top cut off to make a convertable.

From the front. The lights are from the old Imperial Guard tank sprue, the spikes are from the chaos vehicle sprue as are all the spikes.

From the side. The wheels are plastic GW wheels with Imperial tank tracks glued around them and chaos marauder shields glued in the centers.

From the rear. The exhaust is from an Imperial Sentinel.

Size comparison with an Imperial Bloodhound.

Chaos Warband!

The terrifying forces of Chaos have arrived!

Kodos, a mounted Chaos Chosen Warrior with a hot-shot lasgun, chain weapon and chaos steed - weighing in at a massive 26 coins.

Left to right: Kang, a Chaos Chosen Warrior with cc-weapon and Bolter (20 coins); Gorn, a Marauder Chieftain with cc-weapon and slug pistol (6 coins); Horta, Marauder Chieftain with cc-weapon and slug pistol (6 coins); and Kahn, Chaos Sorcerer with 2 x cc-weapon (8 coins).

Everyone all together. The two on the extreme right are henchmen. The one in the back is the driver (Marauder with cc-weapon and slug pistol - 6 coins) and the fish-looking guy is my custom beastman gor (with 2 x cc-weapon - 6 coins). In the background is the Excalbian, a Chaos Raider vehicle (20 coins).

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Roster Sheets

Here are some custom roster sheets for Slaves To Darkness. They have been modified from Mordheim and Gorkamorka sheets. They are available to download HERE.

Chaos Approaches!

My Chaos Warband is nearing completion! It includes 7 members (one of which is mounted) and one Chaos Raider vehicle. Only basing remains to be completed - expect photos soon!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Slaves to Darkness: Campaign Rules

And here it is...! The campaign rules for Slaves To Darkness. Now you can link your games together in an effort to become the greatest warband on the surface of Pandemonium!

Rules can be downloaded HERE.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Campaign Rules on Deck!

Get ready boys and girls - the campaign rules are going to be up by tomorrow! Get ready to die!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lock and Load: The Armory is here!

In order to know just how your warband's equipment works, you'll need The Armory section of the rules. It can be downloaded HERE.

Warband Rules are Here!!!

Get ready because they are here! The warband rules for Imperial and Chaos forces (Version 1.1) are now available for download in PDF format HERE.

Warbands Coming Soon!

The rules for Chaos and Imperial Warbands are almost ready to go! Expect them to be posted here late today or by tomorrow!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Bloodhound vs. Firefox - Size Comparison

Here are some shots of the Bloodhound compared against the Firefox. The more astute of you will notice that this is a different Firefox from the one pictured earlier. That's right, there's two now!

Even More Photos!

Here are some more photos of the Bloodhound - the Emperor's Monster Truck!

More Bloodhound Pictures

As promised, here is a less blurry photo of the main Imperial transport - the Bloodhound.

GARAGE: Imperial Bloodhound

The Imperial Bloodhound is the main transport used by Imperial warbands on the surface of Pandemonium. It is a highly modified version of the ubiquitous Land Crawler discovered by Arkhan Land. The rules for the Emperor's Monster Truck can be downloaded HERE.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Imperial Firefox

This is a smaller Imperial vehicle with a maximum crew of three. It moves with gas and thrusters and is designed to swoop in and destroy enemy vehicles and footers with weaponry much in excess of what one would expect for its size.

This model should be easily recognizable to all Halo Fans: it is a Halo Warthog from Todd Macfarlane toys. It has been repainted in red to match all my other Imperial vehicles and has been crewed with Imperial soldiers made with parts from from Warhammer Fantasy Empire Soldiers and Imperial tank crew parts. These guys fit PERFECTLY in the model - almost as though it was designed that way! Likewise, it has been re-armed with something a little more manly than the flaccid little machine gun it came with: twin-linked heavy bolters.

Again, sorry for the crappy picture.

Imperial Bloodhound

So just to show you that I am not messing around here and am putting my money where my mouth is, here is an image of the main Imperial vehicle. I imagine it is a highly modified Imperial Land Crawler (discovered by Tech Priest Arkhan Land) with enhancements to make it go much faster than normal. This, of course, is probably highly frowned upon by the tech priests - but then Pandemonium is a backwards, backwater world where this sort of breach of the Machine God's mandates go unnoticed.

On a more technical note, this model was designed to be a counterpart to the Chaos Raiders used by chaos forces - fast, with a larger transport capacity and good armor (Front 9 / Side 8 / Rear 8)... well... good armor for a civilian vehicle! It uses gas engines and thrusters just like the ork vehicles in Gorkamorka.

This model was built AROUND a toy monster truck (matchbox, I think). The truck itself is inside the body of the vehicle. The more astute of you all probably recognize the front and rear pieces as being from a Space Marine Land Speeder and the sides are bulldozer blades from the most recent Leman Russ sprue. The wheels and undercarriage are all part of the original toy monster truck. The guys standing on top are made from Imperial Guard and Warhammer Fantasy Empire soldiers.

Sorry for the low-quality photo. Cell phone camera. I will use my digital camera to put up better photos soon.

Main Rules Are Here...

That's right. Here are the main rules for Slaves To Darkness. You will need the main Warhammer 40,000 rulebook to use them. Feedback is greatly appreciated!

You may freely modify them, but please point to this site if you are going to do so and retain the link to this site in the file itself. I'd like to just receive credit for being the originator of this idea.

To Games Workshop: I am not distributing these rules for profit. I am not even taking authorial credit for them. Some of the wording is lifted almost verbatim from the old The Lost and the Damned game and from Mordheim or Gorkamorka. These rules are freely available online so I don't think I am stepping on anyone's toes. If Games Workshop is reading this I plead with them not to issue any legal challenges - I am only hoping to encourage more people to use their games systems and purchase their models.

The rules in PDF format can be downloaded HERE.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

So why is it called Slaves to Darkness...?

A million years ago Games Workshop released two books for their chaos armies: The Lost and the Damned and Slaves to Darkness. These books continue to fetch a high price on eBay.

Some time ago, someone who worked for GW (I forget who now... anyone remember?) wrote a fantastic game called "The Lost and the Damned" which combined Path to Glory, Warhammer Fantasy, Warhammer 40K and a heaping dose of insanity. I have the original rules, but cannot seem to find anywhere else on the internet that does...! I guess they have been removed?

Either way, since this game is envisioned to be the same sort of bizarre mix of systems (along with a similar campaign system etc.) I decided to name it after the sister book to Lost and the Damned: Slaves to Darkness.

(Please note that this is not an official title and if GW has a problem with it, I will change it ASAP.)

So what is it...?

Slaves to Darkness is my attempt to take raw madness and distill it into a fast-paced, accessible game that is similar to Gorkamorka but that encompasses far more of the Citadel range (ie. more warbands than just Orks).

It is a wacky combination of Warhammer 40,000, Gorkamorka, Mordheim and the Lost and the Damned. It is, in a sense, the crazy uncle of the Lost and the Damned since it is something along the lines of Chaos meets Mad Max. If this sounds nuts... good.

But, ultimately, Slaves to Darkness is an attempt to create Gorkamorka: Redux. A Gorkamorka with more streamlined rules, faster play, more options and more insanity. To my knowledge, no one has ever attempted a complete revision of the Gorkamorka rules in this manner.

It Starts...

And so it begins...

Gorkamorka was one of my favorite Games Workshop games... in concept. In reality it was a game that tried to be fast-paced while being bogged down by arcane 2nd edition rules, endless record-keeping and the constant need to make thousands of conversions to your models - some of which were random! Anyone remember "Visiting the Doc?" I do.

I think it is about time that someone took that game and dragged it kicking and screaming into the 21st Century. This is my attempt.

I am just one lunatic who has decided to take this all on by himself. I will build all the warbands, write all the rules and even play all the battle reports...! (Well, maybe not the last one).

Get ready for Gorkamorka: Redux, or Gorkamorka: Now With Chaos! Or... to be more accurate: Slaves to Darkness.

Welcome to Hell.