Friday, May 15, 2009

Rules Update!

Sorry for the long lag. Been doing a lot of testing and re-working the rules. Here is the new version of the Main Rules (link on the right).

List of Changes for v1.4:

+ Decreased the speed of Chariot-style vehicles. They are cheap, VERY primitive vehicles which should not be able to keep up with high-tech vehicles (ie. Racer-type) or "wacky" vehicles (ie. Pump Wagon-type).
+ MAJOR CHANGE: Changed distance a model failing an initiative test to board an enemy vehicle is "bumped" away from 2" to 3". This is because it was technically possible for a model to attempt to board an enemy vehicle, fail its test, take the S3 hit and get wounded, get knocked down or stunned and then - on the next turn - the vehicle it attempted to board could move Fast and "jink" into the model (since it was within 2" after all!) and kill it.
+ Added new Universal Special Rule: Sweep Attacks.

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