Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bring on the War Wagon!

The War Wagon is a massive fighting platform which is pulled along by ferocious Chaos Hounds or armored Chaos Steeds.

There are no actual reigns attaching the animals; this is because they can die in the course of a game and have to be removed.

I created the War Wagon to plug a gap in the Chaos Warband list: it had access to tons of cheap troops (mutants, beastmen gors etc.) but had nowhere to put them. The War Wagon holds 10, costs only 5 coins (plus the cost of draft animals) and allows Chaos Warbands to grow large by including a swarm of dregs being yanked along by baying, slavering monster steeds.

This fishy customer is my Besitgor. He's mostly ork parts with greenstuff.

The war wagon is made of Imperial building parts, a Defiler body and armor plates, and the parts of an OLD Warhammer Fantasy Skaven Screaming Bell.

The hounds are wolf bodies (except for the "sheep" on the far right which is a boar body) with ork heads on top of greenstuff necks.

Rules for the War Wagon are in the updated Warband Rules available on the right.

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  1. I can almost hear the wheel hubs squeeking through the gloom. (appropriate moment for Vincent Price laugh).